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December 2011
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JACK HYLAND [userpic]


tell me how I'm doing with jack! all comments are screened.

JACK HYLAND [userpic]

WIP, come back later!

JACK HYLAND [userpic]

[ There's a familiar face on the network today, but it may take you a minute. He blinks at the communicator for a minute, sighs a bit, and then smiles. Looks like Jack Hyland has had a growth spurt. And finally cleaned himself up, for that matter. ]

So, uh, hey guys. Looks like I'm back. Ha, did you guys even realize I was gone? It's probably only been a day, for all I know! Doesn't look like much has changed... [ he looks around again, then sees something offscreen and smirks.

He then promptly runs forward a few steps, pokes a finger at something robotic, and runs back to where he was before. Behind him is the sound of turret legs scrambling and lasers being relatively useless. He calls back in the direction of the noises- ]
Sorry, man!

Haha, I knew I should've tried that. I wonder if there's a way to disable their lasers. That would solve a lot of problems. I mean, they're pretty polite.

[ ooc: Jack has returned from his canon update! He is now much calmer. And nicer. And actually likes robots and is sane. What do, Discedo? ]

JACK HYLAND [userpic]

mun: macey
email: clydewater@gmail.com
aim/msn: marblehorses@live.com
plurk: suburbs
adding? as long as I know you're from the game.

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